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Whoever, Whatever

As I sit with my newest son, Harlow Rue, in our 2 room beachside apartment, positioned smack-dab in the center of the universe - Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA, I look around at the constant reminders of how beautiful my life really is;  Harlow's face scrunched in a ball of toothless smiles, the wooden Buddha statue praising the heavens no matter the circumstance, Robofan renegotiating the salty ocean air around the room... the list goes on.

I have determined something -- DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT (Of course, with respect to other people and their property).

There is no reason to cheat yourself out of any happiness on account of what someone else thinks you should do.  No matter what trend may be the most popular, any particular predisposition that may be bestowed upon you, or a thought-process someone may try to persuade you into adopting, it is ESSENTIAL that you live and think for yourself.  To genuinely believe in knowing what makes you happy.  To have faith and SUPREME confidence that you are at your best when ________. 

This is not to say that criticisms and suggestions should be outright dismissed.  Listening then incorporating as you see best suited is in order.  However if you know what's best for yourself, do it.  Fuck opinions or persuasion.  Just charge it.

I can only see the beautiful colors in the room or the smile on my Buddha-esque son's fresh face if I am willing to have it.  A happy Me makes a happy We.  Let people be who they are.  Let people do what they want.  If something about them isn't cohesive to your happiness then move on because the world is big enough to find something or someone else to enjoy.

Now, I'm no saint but I know what I like.  I like Kanye, pizza, brown chicks, and black socks.  I like to sleep with the windows open, living at the beach, and wearing my hat backwards.  I like enough wasabi in my soy sauce so when I dunk a piece of sushi in it then breath through my nose my sinuses clear out.  I like wearing headphones while I skate and I like scrubbing my face with the ocean floor sand when I'm at the beach.  Amongst other things...

But remember, everybody has their own way of drying off when they exit the shower.

Whatever your motivation, like what you like! Get happy!  Physically look at your surroundings and analyze if this is you or them.

Above all, DO YOU cause I'm DEFINITELY gonna do me.