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Skating in Maspalomas and Carnival in Telde!!

So Troy and I were fiends for a proper skate.  Aida told us there was a skatepark just down the way from her place, so we hopped on the bus and scouted it out.  With a little help from some women on the bus, we arrived to this colorful gem with no other bodies in sight.

The park had all types of hits!! Ledges, quarters, banks, rails, manny pads... all the goods.. 

Troy's a shredder.

After some skating we decided to head back to the crib.  Along the way (having that skater's eye) we saw a few spots..

And a Rocky impostor..

We made it just in time for sunset... and a feast that we were definitely ready for.

Mary Jane threw down Cubano style for us!! Fried plantains, eggs, and rice topped with tomato sauce.  So fuckin' good.

I'm pretty sure Troy licked everyone's plate clean... literally... ahahah!

I helped Mary make this beast.  Tiramisu something something... we didn't have anything to hold it together while it was in the freezer so we used shoe boxes or some crazy shit... it turned out sick tho...

The next day Troy and I were on a mission to find this skatepark that was in a Thrasher video...  Sammy Baca and some other fools had been to the island and filmed a mini video... We heard it was in a town called Telde.  This worked out well as the girls would be meeting us at a shop for drinks later in the night down the road.  So we jumped on the bus with the driver that drove 60 mph around roundabouts and taking turns nearly on two wheels the whole way there.. But we made it safe...

When we got off the bus I stopped in a bar for a bocadillo and Troy went straight to it.. he quickly came back and told me that it wasn't the Thrasher park but a park nonetheless.

Bocadillo de Lomo y Queso.  One of the best I ever had.

It started to rain as we were stretching...

Even though it was raining, there were lots of kids starting to come around... They were SUPER hyped on us and hung with us for hours.. We all played skate, the kids were doing tricks on their scooters for the camera... they were super funny... Some of them were dressed up in costumes... Then we remembered that tonight was Carnival, a wild ass festival that is kinda like Mardi Gras but lasts for one week on each of the Canary Islands.  This week was Gran Canaria, here in Telde.

So the kids showed us the way to the store and we bought drinks!  Not for the kids though.  They wanted to take us around... They were super small! We couldn't believe that they were about to go into the madness blooming in the streets!  Tough mothers!

We came a round a corner and walked right into a sea of characters and party buses decked out with bars and music blaring down the street... Music was PUMPING and EVERYONE was dancing and having a smashing time... So fun...

We had lost all of the kids when we turned the corner, all but one, Nelson who was 16 and dressed up like Pocahontas.  He was hyped to roll with us and we didn't mind his company anyway!!

We found this full bottle of rum on the ground and cracked the bitch open!

Not to mention the bottle and beers we bought before...

We started making our way with the stream of people that led us to a HUGE stage area with DJs kickin' out jams and a sea of people dancing and just having a raging time... Including us!!! I had my skateboard in the air and the DJ called us out over the mic!!  This party is just madness.. Full throttle party..

As we were dancing around and pounding these drinks, Nelson started throwing around that glazed look.. like he's sleepwalking and shit... haha... but he kept reaching for that bottle.. and who are we to say no. After all this is HIS town.. "Have at it, Bro!"

Next thing you know, homie can't stand up... We dragged him to the sidelines for a rest...




LIGHTS OUT!   Nelson fuckin' KO'd on us!!! He passed out... Done... We were laughing and yelling at him in English, slapping him in the face... but nothing.. Nothing but Spaniards watching two white boys slapping this kid.  Haahah!

Some of his friends found us and asked what was going on... We told them he drank too much and went to sleep... Sorry.

While Troy ran off to take a leak, I was met by the heat.  I was hammered.  I was just laughing and saying he's borracho... ahhhaha... I was trying to take photos too but they told me real quick to stop.  Troy came back to find the situation and was told the same about the photos.

They put that fool on a stretcher and his friends gave the cops his info...

homie!! I just witnessed backpack guy get CRUSHED and I wasn't about to have that... so I ducked back into the crowd with my busted eye.

"Fuck it."  I was here to party and that's what I was going to do.

We saw this little kid... couldn't have been more than 12... dancing around, then turns around and makes out with this girl who was way older than him... We were cheering!!! "Yaaaaa !! Get it Dogg!!!" patting him on the back and shit.. Then his mom was standing right behind him laughing too!!!

Troy, Mary, and Aida had been calling me Leprechaun the whole trip and I stumbled across that hat earlier in the night... Perfect for a Lep in The Hood!!

We made our way out of the madness down the street to the shop.  There were characters here to dance with too! Perfect! I was tanked and a dancing machine.  Straight killin' it son!

Aida was not dressed for the occasion... but was getting her groove in there a little!

Troy was hammered.

This is Troy's actual game face when he's dancing.  For real.  He's in full concentration on backing that thang up all over Mary. HAHAHAHA!!  Troy gets fuckin' loose on the dance floor.

Thanks Telde!! Until next time...