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Day of Dayz

After an epic night night, Mike and I were ready for a day to match.  We rose to a mild day in the city, anxious to get it going. 

Mike and Gail were kind, as usual, to let me crash out in Mike's hotel room.

Mike really wanted to go into this bar called Ronnie Scott's the night before.  But the cover charge was like 30 euro!  This club is a legendary rock n' roll bar that hosts the creme de la creme of classic rock. 

We mashed the streets of London town and found ourselves at the River Thames.

Along the Thames are restaurants, galleries, bars, housing, castles... We went to the Tate Art Gallery.  This particular gallery has more modern art.  The first piece was an entire floor of this 50 foot high warehouse covered in sunflower seeds.  I don't know why.

There was a dope Jackson Pollock.  American Legend.

The detail on these paintings are incredible.  This particular one was so sick.

Sometimes it's a bit random.

A Picasso had been display for a few months but would be returned to it's owner within the next, so we were fortunate enough to see it!

Fawn Creep Attack 

These crows were fake though.

Back to the streets!!

It's really cool to walk through super old streets.  There's so much history.  You can feel the age in the stones.  

The English Stride.

Decided to have a meeting with Queeny.  

Buckingham Palace is BUCK.  It's fat.

These guards literally don't move for 20 minutes and then walk in long strides in a perfect line in front of the Palace.  They just look straight and then turn and work like clockwork.  As your reading this, they're doing it.  And have been doing it before were born.  Clockwork.

We cruised the streets and came across the Hard Rock.  We went in and were instantly asked by a man if we wanted to go to "The Vault".  "Does a fat baby fart?  -- Of Course!!"  So this dude moved a red rope and took us down some stairs into a room that was once a bank vault for the Queen.  Now instead of gold bricks it holds Rock N' Roll gems.  Praise Jah.  Mike was soooo hyped!

This is Elvis' kit from one of his movies.  The guitar is Bo Diddley's notorious square.

This harpsichord was used in The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".  

The guy told us we could take ALL the pictures we wanted, just "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING".  AKA..... TOUCH EVERYTHING!!!!!  Mike decided he needed to get the powers from these guitars. So he went in.

While we're doing this we had to keep an eye on the guy and make it look like we're doing nothing.  This Jeff Beck Fender was a magnet for Mike.

Then there was Les Paul's Les Paul.

"Please take a photo of the pickups for me?"

This chair was owned by Freddie Mercury but was made in the Ming Dynasty.  The first Emperor of China.

Jimi stayed strapped.

Came out of the vault feeling like we just chilled with these legends.  Next, Hyde Park.

Legendary concerts happened here with The Stones and all these others.  Mike had to be here.  This park is huge though.  It's what they mirrored Central Park with.  There were rollerskaters weaving through cones, hippies kicking hacky sack, stunt men doing flips, carousels, boats, huka smokers, joint smokers, statues, ducks, bands.... Pretty much everything and everyone mixing and lounging.  So we decided to do the same and have a smoke in some shade amongst the people.

Came across this statue by some weird energy.  The sun, our mission, the lines in the sky, the time, all that shit was cool.

Turns out the statue is called "Physical Energy".  Izn't that veird?

Royal Albert Hall -- Legendary Led Zeppelin Venue.   Peep the vid.

Watch the Throne.

The man hisself.

Made our way through the streets back with a mission accomplished.  It was one of the best days of my trip for sure.  It was a really good day...  Cheers!