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Gladiators and XVI

Woke up to the Bird Lady!

On The Go Sammie's! Yogurt is standard.  Good for Digestion.

Time to Break into this Bitch!

There were so many types of people from all over the world there to witness the ultimate stadium.  School kids, tourists, locals, lurkers... E'erbody in the Club gettin' tipsy!

This behemoth of a stadium was overwhelming.  The top layering had crumbled years ago and the seating had deteriorated along with it.

The top layering had crumbled years ago and the 85,000 seats had deteriorated along with it.  Top layers fade over time.. i.e. Mount Baldy in my shot.

A school teacher tried to get smart with me out front, assuming I was cutting the line.  Actually I was standing in the wrong line and crossed the chain in front of him when all of a sudden he called me a punk and tried grabbing me.  I told him I'd cut his hand off if he did.  Then I went inside and my dear friend Brian calmed me down.  "WooSa..."  This is my "Let it Go" face.  Sorry Old Man.  I was happy to be there.

The underbelly of the Colosseum is where they would bring the animals and slaves in low key and then put them in the ring for the action. The actual fighting floor was made of wood.  They would have trap doors to bring the animals up from the bottom. *Check the Scene in "Gladiatior" when the Tigers are released.

They would also host water fights.  They would take the floor out and fill the whole bottom level with water and have boats attack each other.  That's the next level.

A story of the Colosseum, we were told, is that Augustus was fed on the attendance numbers being low.  The events here being one of the only entertainment pieces that brought the masses together, he was determined to get the interest back in it.  So he held an event there for a hundred days straight.  5,000 animals of all types were imported from around the world and slaughtered. Hippos vs. snakes vs. giraffes vs. alligators vs. elephants vs. lions....

In The Ring.

Original Water Basin Relic.

Ancient "Billboard" of Gladiators.  The Gladiators fame was reminiscent to modern day baseball players.  There was even, etched in a stone wall, the name of one of the more famous warrior.  Ancient Tagging from Fans.

The first Colosseum was made of wood and had burned to the ground around 50 B.C.  Then the Romans got smart and made another building to withstand the elements.  Still holding.

DaVinci Coded.

We made our way to Vatican City to check the madness.  It's crazy that Vatican City is NOT part of Rome but right in the heart of it.  They have their own stores, gates, walls, streets, zip code... all that.

Brian Miller is of Jewish descent.  He couldn't figure it all out.  We row in the same boat.  This is about the same moment when we found out it was Good Friday and homeboy was scheduled to make an appearance.  There was a massive line for a seat for the show and priests and nuns everywhere you looked.  

There were cameras everywhere too.  This place is dark.

Whilst I threw up the horns, a family of onlookers watched in terror.  "Make the photo quick..." I told Duper.  I didn't want to get hung by my feet in the courtyard.  Hopefully Pope Benny XVI was watching.

They're HUGE fans of Jesus.

Got my Memere blessed Rosary Beads though.  She's hyped.

Yea Guy.

There was a creeper priest that kept looking at us from a distance.  I noticed him and pointed my camera right at him and snapped a photo.  Duper had no idea.  I told him this dude was about to come up to us.  Vibed Out To The Max.  Sure enough, this fool walks up from a fair distance and asks us to take his photo.  But weird.  Fuckin' Lurker.

Don't Drink The Juice.

OG? The Final Beat.

Then they have this thing called the 7 Stages of Christ.  I found this to be highly ironic because it's statues depicting the different stages of the Romans crucifying Jesus.  They are responsible for the brutal death of "God's Son" yet believe that they are the "right" religion and way of life.  I'm not religious, don't understand this and don't care to.  Sorry if your Catholic but this is weird.  

I like the Nun praying in the background.

Roll out the Red Carpet for these Party Animals.

Good Boy!!

Time to Go South!!!  Ciao Roma!

All Hail Caesar's Home

Mandatory feast in the morning!  Fresh bread with tomato sauce and water!  When in Rome?

En route to the Ancient Ruins, was the Coliseum.  These were remains of rooms where the gladiators would get themselves together before entering the ring across the street.  The two were linked via an underground passageway as to go undetected before the fights.

The Coliseum is INSANE.  That's for another day though.

Our mission today was to see the epic city known as Ancient Rome.  These were stables for horses that would be involved in happenings at the Coliseum.


The views are extraordinary!  The energy is so alive and embedded in the ruins.

I was highly impressed by the quality and detail put into the stonework.  The ingenuity is next level.

Withstanding the Test of Time.


Some of the ruins have been more recently "assisted" to remain freestanding.  Mortar, concrete and rebar have been added to some of the walls and structures around the city to maintain their integrity for years to come.  Nevertheless, these buildings were built to last and have.

Life Remains.

Moving Energy in the Marketplace of Ancient Rome.

A Sign of the West in the Ancient Gardens.

Top Flight.

Came across an orange tree!  The fruit was BITTER and I managed to get the citrus juice in my eyeball which was not rad.  But still awesome that we came across the fruits.


The amphitheater for chariot races and other olympic type games.  The horses would round the outside or the athlete would start in the island.

It was truly incredible to be in a place where the Ultimate King once ruled the world from.  High energy and beautiful endeavors are still existent n the ruins of the city.  Pride and dedication in your work and home seems to have been left in the marble cutlets of the obelisks and city streets of this crumbled empire.  Let it stay for us to marvel upon.  Praise to the Kings and Gods of Ancient Rome for having visions of a world for people to enjoy.

Then to end with a feast.  Bravo!