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Having been a part of the skateboarding world since the age of 11, I have had my fair share of successes and opportunities throughout the takeover of the sport.  Here are a few links to television spots, magazine articles and some of my own marketing creations for you to nibble on.

If you'd like to inquire about a collaboration or partnership, please contact me at with your information.

Sun Diego Spring Break Yo'Self Contest Series - 2007/2008 - A contest held at Belmont Park in San Diego.  Helped build courses.

Gatorade - 2007-2015 - Brand Ambassador

"Built To Shred" - 2008-2012 - A DIY style, action sports television show on Fox's Fuel TV. Worked as an Assistant Builder and participated as talent.


More Episodes Available Online:

The Skateboard Mag - Issue #59, Feb. 2009 - "Built To Shred" Feature

The Coast News - July 23, 2010 - Front Page - Feature in local Encinitas, CA newspaper in regarding a city council meeting about a new community park that would include a new skatepark.

Typical Culture - Sept. 2010 - "Checkin' In" interview on popular skate zine. Click HERE for a good read about me.

Uno Skateboarding Magazine - Issue #51, April 2011 - "Skate Cribs" Feature while living in Barcelona, Spain.

The Coast News - June 24, 2011 - Feature regarding same skatepark, different city council meeting. (And yes, the park was eventually built!)

Surfride Boardshops - 2012 - Featured in 2012 Surfride Tide Calendar showcasing Vans.

The KAYO Corp - 2012-2015 - Known as "Skate Game Willy Wonka" (Skate Wonka for short) I created a grassroots marketing campaign for The KAYO Corp -- Home of DGK, Organika, Gold Wheels and Expedition-One.  My responsibilities included being a front man of all 4 brands, taking the teams on tour and to signings/demos, hosting events and all around assistance with any part of the companies.  Here is a list of all the events I was a part of:

McGill’s Mini Ramp Demo - November 2013
Save-A-Heart Thanksgiving Tour - November 2013
AveANew Game of Skate - First Friday of Every Month
Agenda Trade Show - January 2014
Cowtown Union Hills Classics - January 2014
Kayo Open House  - January 2014
Skatelab Baby Scumbag Bday - March 2014
LB Skate Battle at Bixby - March 2014
Kayo Store Rick Ross Meet & Greet - March 2014
Cellular Game of Skate - March 2014
Zumiez Culver City Baby Scumbag Meet & Greet - March 2014
Programme Kayo Signing - March 2014
Cowtown Phoenix Am - April 2014
Zumiez Miami Baby Scumbag Meet & Greet - April 2014
Grandeur X DGK Collab - April 2014
Lakeside Skatepark Opening  - May 2014
The Agency Boardshop Wonka Day - May 2014
Kayo Store Baby Scumbag Cinco De Mayo - May 2014
Two Felons 10 Year Anniversary - May 2014
SubSpace Brazilian Kayo Day - June 2014
Kayo Open House - June 2014
Organika Reggae In The Hills - June 2014
Sun Diego Am Slam - June 2014
Kayo Store Agenda Skate & Chill - July 2014
Agenda Trade Show - July 2014
TWS Cash On The Table - July 2014
Kayo Mag Skate Wonka Feature - July 2014
DGK Blood Money Tour - August 2014
Active X KAYO Meet & Greet - September 2014
KAYO Warehouse Sale - September 2014
Skate Wonka Flow Video - September 2014
LSS Haunted Halloween Contest - October 2014
Skate Wonka Vol. 2 - January 2015

Save-A-Heart - Nov. 2013 - Donated 200 skateboards and 200 turkeys to underprivileged children of Los Angeles with Susan Williams' Save-A-Heart Foundation.

Rick Ross X DGK - March 2014 - Meet and Greet at The KAYO Store with The Boss.

Zumiez - March 2014 - Culver City Mall - "Baby Scumbag" signing.  3,500 screaming fans rallied in the Culver City Mall for a chance to hopefully meet the DGK protégé.  Set up event in store - posters, tables, manikins, enter/exit routes.  Served as driver/"bodyguard" (watch video for explanation).

Zumiez  - April 2014 - Miami, Fl. - Meet and Greet with "Baby Scumbag"

KAYO Mag - Vol. 2, Issue 1 - July 2014 - Feature in the KAYO Mag. "The K-Team"

DGK Blood Money Tour - Aug. 2014 - Took the DGK team on a 8-stop tour of the west coast. Served as driver, promoter, hype man.

Skate Wonka Vol. 1 - Sept. 2014 - A team of youngsters from all over the U.S. handpicked and managed by me.  Video edited by me.

Active Rideshop - Sept. 2014 - Burbank, CA - Hosted signing and demo at local skatepark. See Active's Blog post about it HERE.

Skate Wonka Vol. 2 - Jan. 2015 - Again, video edited by yours truly.

Skateboarding - Here is a little video I have of me skateboarding over some years.  Enjoy!

- Miles Wood