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Welcome to Fuerteventura!

Mary Jane, Troy, and I planned a trip to the Canary Islands for a few weeks.  The plan was to hit up the islands of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.  On the day of our flight I had made plans to show the lovely ladys from Tel Aviv, Oran and Tami, around La Boqueria and La Rambla.  I went outside only to discover that Barcelona was a little on the wet side.  No worries though... sometimes that's nice.. especially if you're about to leave to some tropical islands.  So I meet them at the hotel and walked them through La Boqueria and went to the Moroccan shop for a mint tea (which is the best thing ever... with sugar).  They were hyped!! After an invite to Tel Aviv and a couple of hugs I made my way back home to meet Troy and MJ for the flight.

So we made it to the airport and checked in to our Ryan Air flight without any hiccups, except for me tripping out on not wanting to pay more money for overweight baggage.  "You need to stop with the attitude.. everything always works out." Mary said to me.  She was right, I said sorry and chilled the fuck out.  Ryan Air is a little hectic with their whole program.  They offer SUPER CHEAP tickets but have a bunch of little rules to try and catch you slippin... If you don't print your boarding passes before the flight - 40 euros.  For every kilo your baggage, that you've already paid for to check, is overweight - 20 euros/kg.  The majority of the people that are checking in to the flight, unzip their bags and start putting on their clothes to lighten the load.  Most people are wearing multiple jackets and shirts when they board. Their seats don't recline, forget about a free drink, and you can buy smokeless cigarettes and scratchers that potentially you can win free flight credit or a million euros.  Nonetheless, the flight was 64 euros round trip, so fuck it.  You gotta pay to play!

All of a sudden the flight got REAL nice and we started to see the islands...

We landed in Puerto Del Rosario in Fuerteventura.  Right off of the plane, we decided it'd be best to rent a car.  We got this little beast which in the end made all the difference..  We filled the tank and made our way north to Corralejo, in the north, to meet up with Troy's friends Javi and Alba!

It was already soooo nice there!!  It wasn't raining, it was significantly warmer than it had been in Barce, and it was just more mellow lifestyles.  Very quiet.

We came across this abandoned complex not too far from the airport.  We were shocked to see this because it was soo big.  We pulled off the road to have a climb around.  It's amazing to see a place like this with no people living there on such prime territory.  It was a squatters paradise!!

We met up with Javi and he hitched a ride back to his pad.

We met his dog Suit (pronounced Su -eat) who didn't really like us.  But when Javi got a hold of her, she was a little butter ball in his arms.  He was proping her up and shit.. it was really funny man...

I was taken over to their homie Aaron's house because there wasn't enough room for me at Javi's.  I showed up to his apartment which was super sick!! Hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 levels and 2 terraces!! All for 400 euros a month!!! So sick dude! His cat was super mellow and had shit all stuck in its tail.  Haha it was a little dreadlock!!

I dropped my shit and we, the trio, and Javi went out for a meal..  He took us to a cheap sandwich joint that was bomb bomb....

We chilled around that area for a while and waited for Aaron to meet us.  I skated around and got some cheers from people.  It was a mellow zone with a super dank port close by...  It was like pirata territory!!

Aaron came and the others left.  He and I sat at a super mellow bar for some drinks... This homie is tight!! He's from Ireland but had lived on the island for 15 years!! "So I'm basically Spanish."  He works easy at a restaurant and surfs a lot.. and just chills the rest of the time... really mellow cat.. good vibes man!!

We spotted some ladys and they joined us for some drinks..

I was anxious to see the daylight because we kinda got in late and then ran the night.  I was soooo syked when I went on to the terrace and it was 75 degrees and perfect!!! So fresh outside dogg!!! Sick views from the top terrace!!!  You can see other islands which is super rad!  So hyped!!

I went and met up with Troy and Mary so we can get our drive on...

Typical "foliage" of the island.. it's like coral reef on the land!!

At each of the roundabouts, there was usually some type of art there.  Here was a whole patch of plastic windmill trees spinning in the wind.  Super cool... especially that the heat doesn't try to regulate it and take it down.. The people are down for it.  And why shouldn't they be?

We barged the beach scene to get our minds right with a little playa fresca for our lives!!  White sand on the east side of the island..

Fuerte, que suerte!!

Barce Nights!!

Troy, Santiago, and I were invited by Papayo to a video premiere about Sailor Jerry, at the Apollo club.  We met Papayo at there and he got us sorted out VIP style as usual! The video was a documentary about the man himself and the creation of the sailor tattoo style.. It was an interesting film because this man nearly single-handedly created a style that is mimicked and idolized in a major way these days.  There's also a rum named after Sailor Jerry, which we enjoyed free of charge of course... Thanks Papayo!!!!

When the film ended, the tables and chairs were removed and the floor quickly turned into a dance hall.  50 people turned into a few hundred people nearly instantly.  Apparently there was a line down the street to get in this joint.  We already had a cool buzz and were holdin it down on the inside, getting that floor warm for the newbies.  

I met a couple of lovely ladies from Tel Aviv, Oran and Tami.  They were tight!! They were in the army for a couple of years and had just come from Washington DC after a little vacation there.  They were making a pit stop in Barcelona before returning home.  We had good times!!!

We went to the top level to dance and have a little more room to chill..  VIP shit!

This guy was on one!! He was on the stage next to the DJ. Groupie kook.. ahah!!

The next day, which would be the last full day before heading to the Canary Islands, Troy and I met the English homies for another shred.  We went to a really rad spot in Canyelles, that had metal ledges and a waterfall area.. We skated there for a while..

This is Casa Batllo, a building designed by the amazing architect Antonio Gaudi.  His organic style of design is something very different and unique compared to most other architecture.  It's kinda psychedelic!  Shit's tight!!!

We went to the Death homies' hostel to get our minds right and have a footy check...

We all rendezvoused with Rees and his father at an Indian restaurant for The Last Supper before the pair were going on a month long walk through Spain.  We handled biz...

Jake has a very selective taste for food.  You could say he's a man that knows what he likes.  Chips are STANDARD.  Well done Jake!

I found this lovely lady in the trash!! I rescued her and brought her around for that night.  She was welcomed to the dinner!!  So EUROPE right now!!

Later that night, I went and met up with the ladies for a night cap!!

Great Success!!!