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A Few Days & Nights in Granada

After walking Alhambra we sealed the deal with a proper paella!  Spanish Standard!!

We cleaned up our lives and decided to head out with Elvi and her ladies!  Duper took Andrew, Katie, me and the rest of the crew to a little spot down the way.


Brothers n' shit..

These italianas are so tight!! Elvi and Federica!!

Hoody Hoo!!

Duper and I explained J.T.T. in Spanish... It was pretty ridiculous...

Steady Feastin'!!

Cafe con Leche y Desayuno esta listo!!

After the life points we mobbed to the soccer field to meet up with Duper's classmates for a game.  Along the way... Art.... Granada's filled with it!

I held down the bench during the game.  They had teams and were going hard as fuck! Duper was shredding!!

Everybody's hyped!

You know we had to bring those Gringo burritos to Espana!

This night we went to a club for drinks and tapas.  Duper's homies knew of these guitarists that were playing.  They played some tango with this wild fuckin' frontman.  This dude was balancing crystal balls on his head, put a cork in his mouth and played it with his thumbs and ended the show with 1 chair stacked upside down on another, climbed up and did a fuckin' handstand!! In the middle of a tiny venue!  Absolutely shocking!

Days are real real nice!

We made our way to Elvi's place for a feast and some drinks!  She set us up well nice!! 

Toms with Tuna and Olives.. Nugget.



The heat is on!

Then a walk back home..

Buenas Noches, Granada!