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I finally made it to Barcelona, Spain! I slept most of the way from Belgium to Spain but when I awoke and peered outside of my little airplane window, I could see the snow capped mountains of the north, which into foggy lowlands, then along the Mediterranean was my new home. Skateboard heaven. I was greeted at the airport by my great Aussie friend Troy West, who was kind enough to rent me a room in his flat! After taking the train to the center of the city, I promptly moved into my space and made myself at home.
Troy had been working out the kinks to get us into a party, that was hosted by Vice, all day and got word that he was on the list + 5! After Maryjane's (Troy's esposa) friends came over and got ready and Troy's other friends got ready, we headed out. The girls went separately and of course got in the party. As one American, one Austrailian, and 4 Austrians walked up for entry, we were immediately denied. We apparently weren't dressed properly. No "bambas"... Sneakers... Ahha! So after lurking for a few minutes we went to a little bar called Sidecar... Got home at about 4 am. After traveling from 6 o'clock the night before, I was pretty tired..
The next day Troy woke me at noon so I wouldn't have jet lag. We went to Cuitadella, which is a massive park with big fountains and large plots of grass to chill on. Maryjane brought her accordion and Cookie, the German shepherd pup. It was a good feeling to be in the sun and have a good stretch! Afterwards Troy and I shredded through back alleys and in and out of traffic to see some of the city! He's quite the host!
We picked up some food at the market and made some amazing curry dish.
I live in a part of town called Barrío Gótico! The Gothic Neighborhood! It's very old buildings and one of the oldest parts of town. There are hundreds of skate spots in a one mile radius of my house. Macba is a few blocks away, tons of famous bank spots, tons of marble ledges, perfect stone flatground! Truly skateboarder's paradise!
After skating Macba nearly all day Friday, I returned home to Troy getting ready for Tarragona with the Austrians. "Ready for your first adventure?!" "Yes please!"


Sorry for the lack of photos... a lot got deleted some how... if I can update this and the NYC post with the original photos, I will!