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Florence Proper

A tour bus filled with German tourists, an Italian driver and us, made our way down the majestic Tuscan hillsides and landed straight in to the main city of Florence.

A huge church envelopes the landscape between the buildings.

The Jew feeling the Catholic vibes of the enormous bells banging.

The architecture is insane.  The detail and energy put into the craftsmanship of the church was dumbfounding.

Jesus chillin'...

Statues everywhere!


Perseus With The Head of Medusa

Leonardo Da Vinci


Niccolò Machiavelli

Galileo Galilei

Super rad houses sit above the river.

Amazing streets!

Stylish Artifacts.

Use Your Eyes.



Don't Try.

World's Smallest Car?

Bagels!!! Duper was instantly right at home...

This is for cleaning.... Run it..

The next day was our time to bail Florence. We would genuinely miss the relaxation of the mountains. But on to the next.

Auf Wiedersehen, German Resort in the middle of nowhere!!

This time we didn't have a ride, so we just hiked down the mountain back in to town.  We tried hitchhiking but no takers...

We made it to the train a couple hours later.  Now, off to Venice!!  Arrivederci, Firenze!