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A Link with Mike Long

This day I would be meeting up with Mike Long.  His mom, Ms. Gail Lee, is a teacher at San Deiguito Academy and would be showing a few of her students around London and Paris.  So naturally, I wanted to see them.  So I bailed the hostel and made my way bright and early to the River Thames.

Had to cross the London Bridge again.

One of my favorite parts about England was how blunt and direct people and signs were.   Straight to the point with it.

"Pic Up Your Rubbish!"

This was some cool art under this bridge.  The colored lines are actually melted glass.  Super sick tho.

Skate spots for days

Made it to South Bank for a shred!!

This zone is tight!! Right on the boardwalk, tagging everywhere and made for skating!

Saw some young rats hitting a wall..

This rat was a G! He showed me the piece he drew out in school.  Then pointed to his product!  Legendary!   14 years old n shit!

My Kit!

You know I bombed up!  More 4 Less and RatCrew!

Then Gail showed up!!

And brought Mike!!

Big Ben Yo!

Touristy Mike!

This beast is made out of real gold!  Ballin'!!

Mike tryin' to be like Winston Churchill.

We rolled up on this massive church.  People were everywhere around it.  It's where that turkey the prince was going to be wed.

We look to our left; marriage.  A couple got hitched right in front of the crowd.  All these tourists gathered up and started snapping photos of 'em.  So I took a photo of a tourist taking a photo....

Kept on strolling and made our way through a sick park!

Mike Long - Nollie 360 Flip

We went to the National Gallery next.

Call me Young Simba.

You were definitely NOT allowed to take photos here.  This is a Monet.  It's made up of mini dots and blotches of paints.  Super Sick!

This painting was soooooo detailed it's ridiculous.  I had to snap the photo quick though - reason for the blur.

This photo was incredible!  Super perfect with the details.  Nearly looked like a photo!  I actually got yelled at by a patron after taking this photo.

Outside the Gallery.

I've been seeing these in major cities.  Secretly placed Space Invaders.

This is a piece of leftover graffiti I saw.  This artist is insane!! Scope the video at the bottom.

Mike and I kept cruising the streets.  I showed him the spots I was shown on the Rock n' Roll tour and took him through the park I had kicked it at the day before, only to find nugs laying around.  Praise Jah!

Fish and Chips. Standard.

Clinky to London!


After a small rest, Mike and I hit the streets in search of that good time yo!

Saw this guy doing some crazy low limbo for money.  The dude literally went under a pole that was less than a foot of the ground.  Seriously the next level.

We got some free passes to a club. OWA!

We were up in it!  I was just dancing around from posse to posse throwing down dance moves and shit!   Me and Mike's  anthem was Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison.  That shit came on and I was a wrap!!

Found the two baddest bitches in the club and swooped.


This girl told Mike he had nice hips! ahhahha!!  Get 'em!

N.B.D.'s Kid!!