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Gran Canaria Rent-A-Car Tour

After a long cab ride back to Aida's we slept off the craziness Telde offered us.  I woke up with a swollen head.  I got rocked but I still had a great time.

We had already planned on renting a car to drive around the island like we had in Fuerteventura.  The weather was a little gray but we heard on the news that there was snow on top of a peak in the northern part of the island.  This was perfect since we were in the south, we could do a big loop and check all the sites.

Troy rented the tiny car and we peaced out to the north!

While on the road up the mountain it started raining.  We didn't care though.  Well at least I didn't.. but I wasn't the one driving on the CRAZY, winding roads... literally left, right, left, right, u turn, right, left...  one of the craziest roads I've ever been on. Most of the way with little room to spare for cars coming the other way.  Cheers to Troy!

We started climbing in elevation.  We could see all the way to Las Palmas where we were a few days before.  Really nice views...

We were headed for the top though.

We got out and trekked around for a minute on a hillside trying to get to a vantage point for a bomb photo.  But we were blocked by a thicket of bush.

This view looked like fuckin' Chronicles of Narnia.

Dr. Seuss Trees in Spain.

We made it to a small town with a couple of tiendas with clothes and food for sale.  Business was boomin' today because it had never snowed on this mountain, EVER.  So there were plenty of people getting a peek.

This tienda had cheese for sale.  That's the gnarliest shit ever dude.  Look at the one on the left.  Straight funk.  Troy got some other cheese that was well nice.

 We reached the peak and could now see the all the way to the beach.  It was quite a view because of the contrast of weather, sunlight, and clouds.  With the naked eye it's definitely a sight.

This explains the hecticness of the road we were driving on.

I was feelin' a cafe real quick.

We went to a town at the bottom of the mountain to visit a church that I think was called "Igelsia Negra", or The Black Church.

We were allowed inside.  Hats off and no talking.

We wanted to get to a few more spots before dark. So we hopped back in the rental kept it movin'.

We kind of went down a wrong road trying to get to the west side of the island.  We came across this plantain field.  They're everywhere.  So tight.

This house was built into the side of the cliff.  The only exposed part of the house is the front wall which you see here.  The rest in the cliff.  Insane!

We came to a town with a fountain we wanted to see.  I went on a search for a bocadillo too.. I'm pretty sure I was a FAT BOY that day.  I had a grip of food in the car and everywhere we stopped I ate.

On the sides of the tiered fountain, there were crests of each town and island.  Also, there were mini statues proportionate in size to the actual islands.

Gran Canaria


Canary Islands.  This crest was on every island.  Usually on freeways.

There were super tech seats too.... fully painted... so sick!

Thanks Telde for yesterday!

When we bailed, we saw another house lodged in the side of the mountain!!! Like there weren't stairs, a road, not even a fuckin' rope to get there!! But it had patio furniture!!! ahahah !! Unbelievable!! 

We finally made it to the west side of the island.  We were just in time to see the sun set and everything! It was already an epic day but the view we got on the tail end was amazing!  These mountains were huge!  It looked like there were gonna be pterodactyls flying around us any second! Jurassic Park type!

We parked the car in a little town.  Troy and I scaled a mountain side in hopes of a dope bird's eye view.

This was a small fishing and transport town. Not many people.  Not many homes.

Watching the sun set that day really made me feel like a part of the earth but alone.  I felt like I was so free from everything.  Hands down, the best feeling in the world.

We looked back to the mountain we climbed, inspecting if we would've made it to the top where that cross was... But it looked pretty gnarly.

With the sun down, we decided to make our way back to Aida's place.  We had a bangin' day...