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I've noticed that recently I have been mentioning the Lordz Wheels video, "They Don't Give A Fuck About Us" to random people.  I think it has to do with Alex Carolino's steez, the sheer rawness of Bastien Salabanzi, William Phan's smooth operating whilst trying to swallow his tongue on Ecstasy, or Flo Marfaing's complete Paris annihilation. Mike Long showed me this video years ago.  Steezy local homies like the Taherkhan brothers, Kyle Castleberry and Stewart Durst knew about this flick and were hyped on the European assault TDGAFAU had to offer the rest of the world.  Here is an ode to those homies for being part of something that is truly undeniable and probably some of the better skateboarding to ever occur.

Enjoy... or die.

A New Start... And It Don't Stop!

This blog was originally created to give a home to my photos from my European adventures. With the demise of the hard drive I used to save all of my photos from those amazing days, I have stalled.

But now I'm back.  I just can't let the Wild Moose blog go!  My wife, Chelsie, is all hyped on blogging too, so now we're dueling our posts on the couch.

I've decided to check in more frequently and will be amping up my site as I go along.

I do have some catching up to do since my last post (which would take another lifetime), so I'm gonna give you the short.

I successfully made it back from Europe.  The trip changed my life forever.  The best way I can describe it is like having to take a massive shit, then taking that shit, and right there, the feeling after you've narrowly escaped shitting your pants.  The Indiana Jones Save.  Incredible and recommended to everyone in the world.  What did I learn there? Eat when you want to eat, sleep when you want to sleep, and EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT.

I made it back to the states and arrived dead center in the rat race -- customs at JFK.  Back to Cali where I drove taxi for a good while (pre-Über) and made bank.  Quite lucrative.  I moved in with my good friend Mike, his girlfriend and her sister.  Found out about juicing. My friend and his lady split up and I was living in Gangsta's Paradise in the middle of 2 sisters like Yung Jack Tripper.

Enter my Golden Year (year of the number day your were born on, said to be the most important year of your life -- mine November 25, 1986):  2012.  My 25th year.

After a few months of Three's Company, a quick hop to Las Vegas for the weekend developed a relationship that would bring me to the life I have now.  Clearly, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

I started dating my roommate Chelsie.  I got a job at The Kayo Corp which I was SO hyped to get.  I worked in the warehouse making boxes and checking brand new skateboards for blemishes.  Fresh product, hip hop and unlimited skateboards.  I was in heaven.

Chelsie and I moved to Encinitas in a small cottage about a mile from the beach.  We loved our 600 square foot abode and made it our own.  I grew grass, Chelsie started sewing and we got married and made a baby.

Luca Lennox Wood.  July 23, 2013.  12:55 p.m.  Zion Hospital.  San Diego, CA, USA.

Unimaginable feeling.  Pride.  Love.  Honor.

I couldn't believe that in a matter of seconds my whole life could be changed again.  There were two of us and after a few strong pushes from Chelsie we were three.  Best feeling in the world for real.  Do it.

We've since moved to an AMAZING house in Riverside, CA (Chelsie's hometown) to be close to her family, who is an EXTREME help with Luca.  Not that he's needy or we insist on pawning him off to anyone, but it is so incredibly helpful to have beautiful people that love him as much as we do around us.  Chelsie's grandmother is a saint and her father is so generous to our family - always looking out for us.  My dad comes through quite often and since Luca's grand entrance has really stepped his family matters game up.  My mom is in the process of moving out to Cali to be close to us and the rest of her family.  She's been out for both of Luca's birthday blowouts and can't wait to be warming up in the sun again. We can't wait either!

I quit my marketing job at Kayo in January.  I was known as Skate Wonka and had a highly successful following.  I got to do some incredible things and meet some amazing people.  I am forever grateful to all the people that let me do my thing and believed in me.  I was ready for change and wanted to expand my horizons.  Chelsie was a teacher at the Catholic high school she went to and one day I thought, "What's the illest job out?".  Then I looked at Chelsie and knew.  Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., holidays off, no uniform, influence the youth and create your own curriculum.  So I enrolled in city college and took some classes.  My favorite class was Public Speaking, where I gave lifetime achievement awards to Wu-Tang, spoke about my experience skateboarding, and broke down the reasons behind the current drought in California - alfalfa to feed cattle & almonds.

My short lived college experience was soon interrupted by an opportunity my friend offered me to work for a few shoe companies I've always loved.  When I asked Chelsie what I should do, she said, "School's been there way before and will be there way after you.  You still love skateboarding so just do it."  Ride or Die chick.

So here I am now... Married with children, I own a car, have a job, go to the gym, hit Disneyland almost once a week and just might wear sandals more than I wear shoes.  The good life some say...

Stay tuned for what's next!  Cause it don't stop!!