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Le Louvre and Au Revoir Mike Long!!

When I found out we'd be going to Le Louvre, I got so hyped!!  This is a staple to a Paris first timer's experience.  I was going to meet Mike and the rest of the gang there before it opened.  When I arrived, there were maybe only 20 people standing around in a bit of a line.

Just when I didn't think they were going to show, there they were and off we went.  Straight into Napoleon's "Apartment"...

ALL GOLD EVERYTHING.  These chandeliers were about the size of a small car.  The best way I can describe this place is exactly where you'd live if you "Ruled The World" at one point.


We then made our way through the gallery to some art pieces.

One amazing feature of Le Louvre is the Ancient Egyptian areas.  This was my favorite.  Even though all these pieces were physically picked up and taken from Ancient Egypt and then brought to France to display, it was still the closest thing to actually being in Egypt.  Napoleon took off all the noses too...


This is the first paper EVER.  Literally woven fibers of Papyrus

Ancient Jewelry.

The First Guitar?  These things are incredible to see because these things were INVENTED then.  These aren't just some model antiques; these are the originals.

There were some statues that were huge.  These statues were typically of an extra tall person with an elongated head and fingers.  Mike Long described these to be statues of aliens.  He explained that aliens came through and developed the Egyptians then mixed with them.  In many of the hieroglyphics we saw, there would be slaves with a guard standing taller than them, then a much taller long fingered person standing above the guard.  

Peep the Long People.

This area freaked me out...  If you're not in tune with energy then you may not understand vibes but when I came up the automatic walkway and on either side of me were busted open and pillaged tombs. These put off a VERY negative energy of angst, death and betrayal.  I couldn't be in that room for too long.  Some of the hinges were broken off and some were just brutally opened with a crowbar, most likely in search of jewels.

This fool was trying to stunt back then.

We made it into the art gallery now with the most incredible pieces on Earth.  Everywhere you turn is a masterpiece.  Just Look Up.

Victory of Samothrace.

DaVinci paintings are so ill!

This painting was incredible.  It was about 10 foot high with nearly life size people depicted in it.  It sits directly across from "Mona Lisa".

The "Mona Lisa" is sick but there were so many amazing paintings that it'd be a stretch to say that this was the best one.  Although it is really good.

My Mona impression.

After Le Louvre, Mike and I made our way to the church on the hill, The Basillica of Sacre-Coeur.  It has an amazing view of the whole city.  We decided to get some eats and bring it to the top.

This guy!!  This guy was juggling a soccer ball on his feet, head, back, arms, etc. then proceeded to climb the light post while balancing the ball on his forehead.  Then starting doing aerial tricks.  Without a doubt this was wild.  This guy's probably there right now, doing the same thing, trippin' people out and then collecting that money.

Nollie 360 Flips from Mike on lock.

We made our way to a cafe Mike really wanted to hit.  It's the cafe that the girl in the movie "Amelie", works at.  We got Creme Brûlée and a cafe.  You have to break the top of the creme like glass.

Down the way on Pigalle St. is Moulin Rouge.  Had to get that tourist photo.  Can-Can City.

We met back up with the posse who had been shopping and exploring Paris as we had.  We all ate and enjoyed some company but soon our adventures together would end.

After introducing the group to "The Area that Moulin Rouge is in"  they had seen enough and made their way back to their hotel as they would be leaving early in the morning.  Amazing times with Gail and Mike Long!!  Until next time!!  Au revoir!

I made my way back to my hostel and added some tags to their wall.  I spy an M4L and a RC top middle.  We made it to Paris!!

The next morning I had to check out early and kill some time before rendezvousing with Duper once again.  I had to make my way to the new hostel before they arrived.  I strolled the streets and made my way.  Found this spot though!!

I then stumbled across an amazing park with a zoo in it.

After seeing all of this tranquility, I noticed I still had a few hours to kill.  So I found a bench and slept for a bit under the shady trees.  Definitely one of the Best Naps I've ever taken.  Praise Jah!