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Ciao Bella!

Well, we made it!  Roma, Italy!  Another pin on the map!  Duper and I were ready to explore a bit and keep the voyage moving forward!

First order of business; cena.  We were in dire need and anxious to have some authentic Italian food.  We started off with the standard penne and wine.  Perfetto!

Contrary to popular belief, Italy stays strapped!

The next morning we hit the streets early, well equipped with maps given to us by the hostel.  We navigated the statue riddled ancient roads with memories of our eighth grade world history class burning through our brains.

Literally, everywhere you turn there's a statue.  All of the water flow for these beautiful works of art are still powered by gravity of the water systems designed by the Romans thousands of years ago.  

Rome is a VERY religious place.  I found it interesting to see a lot of religious themed graffiti and wall art.  It's cool to see the different adverts of the world and to see what people are in to.

Turns out that right where we were was the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, or Our Lady of the Conception of the Capuchins.  This is a church where friars would bury their dead and poor Romans in the crypt under the church.  The body population was becoming overwhelming so the Cardinal ordered the bones to be decorated throughout the church.

No photos were allowed but....

The decor was elaborate.  From the shoulder blade chandeliers to the baby grim reaper on the ceilings, this place was beyond next level.  I found the energy of the bones quite distorted because every single one was nailed to the wall.  One nail in every bone, not just propped but forced to be displayed.  Not cool.  It felt crazy to be at the end of the church with only one way back out.  I felt very deep in a cave although I was only 4 rooms back.  The air was extremely stagnant and old.  Everything was dusty and absolutely dry.  I also noticed that the rebuilt friars were quite short.  I know that people were not as tall back then but these people were only about 4 feet tall.  Time to go!!!

We found a really nice outlook over part of Rome to kick it at for a second!

Obelisk's are amazing!  They're tall towering stories of war and epics in history.  Immaculate detail and unruly perfection.  The sheer amount of hand work it would take to create one of these makes me sweat.  Talk about pressure to get the job done.

Another example of incredible handwork was waiting right down the road.  Palm Leaf Insects.

Ancient History.

Small cars and Scooters.  Scooters dominate the city.  They're zipping in and out of narrow alleyways and swerving through the traffic of everyday Roman life.

Blood Oranges.  Gift of the Gods.

We found ourselves outside the Pantheon, temple to all the Gods.

The oculus let the light shine in.

Absolutely incredible architecture on the inside of the temple.

A giant sundial, the hole in the ceiling will illuminate the entrance on April 21, specifically for an emperor's grand entrance and reach the floors on the equinoxes. 

Cracks in the Building.

The entire floor was beveled so rain water can drain from the middle.  These are the drainage holes. Direct center.


Tomb of artist Raphael.

He's hiding.

This was a great moment.  I felt like these people were the embodiment of this era of Rome.  Living.


Ciao Bella!

Which way do we go George?

Make your Money, Don't let it Make You.

FINALLY... Pizza!!!!  Absolutely my favorite food and we were in the homeland!  Buffalo mozzarella.


The Watcher.

Fiume Tevere, or Tiber River.  The tides rise dramatically and wash all sorts of debris downstream.  The trees that are lodged on the bottom of the bridge here are nearly 40 feet long!

Slug Art.  No cuts for the Romans!  Hahaha!!

"Ti amo da qui... all fine del mondo... di nuovo... qui all'infinito."  I love you from here... at the end of the world... forever... here again.

Fruits of Labor.  Salute!