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Death Homies and a Mexican Feast!!

After some calls from Adam and Morph, Sanitago and I met up with them for a shred.  We met the Death homies from England; Ronnie A.K.A Wildman, Mark, and Jake Shunt.  These dudes are TIGHT!! Shredders!!

We made our way to Fondo only to find that the spot had been demolished!!! Couldn't believe our eyes!!! The spot was all rubble with all of these signs from local kids saying how lame it is that they tore it down.  It's kind of like someone died.  Every skater in the world probably has seen this spot in a video at one time and we were there 2 weeks ago and to show up and it's gone was insane!!!!!  I took a little piece to keep with me though!

We made our way to the Beer Banks to keep the fire burning and had some shred there.  These dudes are classic!  We met some local kids that were super hyped on Sk8Mafia which was tight!!!! SD Represent!!

We parted ways and Santiago and I went home for a feast.  He cooked it up!!  He made fried flautas, beans, rice, guac, mole con pollo, and topped it all with some salsa verde and queso!!!  He invited some friends over and we feasted hardcore!! Thanks mi chingon!!!!

All In A Days Work!

Having long hippie hair gets you work!  Troy, Adam, and I were offered to take photos for a clothing company for 30 euros!  Of course we did it!  We met the girl Sara and her crew at Paral-lel for the gig.  They proceeded to break out the gear which to our surprise was size extra medium sample shirts.  I wear a XXL tee everyday of my life.

I started taking the shirts and stretching the fuck out of them!  Then they wanted us to skate around and get photos.  The photographer had Troy be the "Scary, Bad man" and roll around doing powerslides and shit.

Then the dude had me ollie over the bench while he laid under it.  Probably 20 times or so.

Then the photog wanted a shot of me rolling down this big joint looking thing that's at the spot.  While I was up there the heat showed up.  They told me to get down and I told the guy to hurry the fuck up and get the shot.  He lagged a little and finally I rolled down and the cops pretty much met me at the bottom.  They ran my name and asked me for ID.  All I had was my California license.  The cop tried to take my knife that I keep on me but told me just to leave it at home.  During the whole thing, I was wearing some super small gear with this dude shooting photos of me getting rolled.

Then he had us all chill together and offered us cigs and was telling us to smoke and shit.. ahahha it was so rad!  We did it and got the money and got the fuck out!

We left and Troy got ready to leave with Maryjane to go to her family's farmhouse.  I chilled with Santiago and had some amazing chicken and pineapple burritos that he cooked up.... Fantastic!

Vilanova and San Feliu

The homie Santiago, from Mexico City, who just moved into the pad, cooked up some amazing breakfast burgers for us in the morning.  So proper! They were massive!  So after a feast I decided to take off to meet the English guys at Vilanova for another shred.  I jumped the train and set off with some tunes blaring.

I met up with Rees the Piece, Morph the filmer, and their other friends at the park.  We were the only people skating for a good while which was really nice compared to the other day with a million razors flying around.  It was SUPER windy though... can't win em all...

Rees was KILLIN it!! mashing around the park with a huge grin the whole time, blasting fat tuckknees way over the coping!  MVP fo sho!  There was only 1 razor scooter kid there who was killing it too... one foot lipslides in the deep end of the pool!  ahhaah its kind of a joke...
The park is really nice and the graffiti around is tight!

We bailed the park and with a few minutes to kill before the train actually took off we decided to have a little bag of chips and a smoke.  When the train bell rang for the last call, I was the last one on and almost didn't make it!  When I got on, half of my board and my foot got smashed in the closing door of the train!!! Unlike an elevator door that will open if you're in the way, this one was getting tighter!!! SO FUCKING SKETCHY!!! Luckily we pulled the door open before the train took off but woooooooooo... close call..

When I got back into the city, I caught the metro and there was a dude shredding on the accordian and a guy who was dressed like "Where's Waldo" with a baby strapped to his back dancing!! It was epic!!
I got off the metro and headed down Las Ramblas and watched some break dancers do their thing for a minute.  Then I saw some Paki fools trying to scheme the find-the-ball-under-one-of-these-3-cups game.  I stopped to take a photo and one dude told me no and put his hand in front of my camera.  I went for another photo and the dude started getting pissed and barking all loud at me!  He had his hand out like "Give me your camera!" ahahah almost had to scrap!  I said sorry and bailed tho..

The next day I went with Liber and his homie to a park in San Feliu.  This park had every kind of obstacle you could think of.  It was ridiculous! Stairs, manny pads, banks, pools, quarters, rails, ledges, euro gaps, everything!!  It was definetely one of the best parks I've ever been to.  Sick graffiti too!
I made it back home and decided to show Troy, Mary, and Santiago what time it was with some Cali burritos!!!  I made guac and all that shit!! They were hyped and so was my stomach!!  Yes!!