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Finale de France

Off to another hostel!  Duper and I packed up and moved on to the next spot to continue our journey through Paris.  After following our maps, we came across the Canal Saint-Martin and allowed boats to pass before crossing the bridge.

We landed on Rue de Crimée which is where our new hostel was.  St. Christopher's Inn.  I will recommend this hostel to any person traveling to Paris.  Better than ANY of the hostels I stayed in.  It was basically a hotel!

Separated bunks with privacy sheets and charging outlets.  Aaaahhh the little things!  We were hyped!  This was luxury compared to some of the other zones.

We sat down for a much needed meal and just chilled in the restaurant.

Gotta get that Coconut Water at all times!!  The Goods.

The next day we cruised the streets and had a couple of things planned.  I was appreciating the graffiti.

Picnics are Standard.  These are essentials.

We found a cool park to kick it in.  It's rad because there's always a bunch of other people enjoying the shade or sunlight and grass or benches.  The parks and plazas are never empty.  People really ENJOY the art of doing nothing.  Just eating. Talking. Absorbing.  Truly a wonderful feeling to have at any given moment.  Most people in the states either A. Don't have time for that or B. "Why would you want to do that?".  It's pretty sad that people in the states don't enjoy lounging daily in the outdoors as much.  It's a great thing.  Try it daily. Picnics.

Stretching is ESSENTIAL.

As we were finishing our stretches and our meal, we met a man and his sister enjoying some sandwiches and Cokes on a bench.  The people were SO incredibly nice and curious about our stretching.  The man was a teacher of English in Paris and explained to us about the sandwiches they were eating.  He told us that it's basically an egg sandwich but it's the best here in Paris.  He insisted we have a try.  It was a very open experience of friendliness and humanism.  People being people.  Yes!

Le Kit.  Free for all the fiends.

Duper and I wanted to visit Jim Morrison's gravesite.  We walked the perimeter of the Cimetiére du Père-Lachaise looking for the entrance. The whole site surrounded by a 12 foot wall.  On one end we found an incredible stone wall with intense energies.  It was a stone wall with a carving of a woman falling back on to spirits called Victimes des Révolutions.

As we entered the cemetery I began snapping photos of random sites that gave off weird energy.  Some were broken or tattered, some were large and luxurious and others were quite plain.  Altogether very energized.

Famous Author Oscar Wilde.

A beautiful French singer, Edith Piaf.  Click to listen to her sing La Vie en Rose.

We then noticed these FAT, SLOPPY, WORTHLESS turds sitting on other graves while looking at the Piaf site.  How dare they?!  We were PISSED.  It was worse that they were American.  Making us look bad.  Should've kicked her in the back and told her to split.  Don't EVER do that.

Two thumbs WAY down.  Turd.

Heavy energy.

We were searching and searching for Jim but couldn't seem to find him.  We had a map that was not really helping and had gone in a few circles.  Knowing we were close, I stopped and told Duper, "We need to adjust our eyes and look for signs."  He agreed and right then I saw this sign.

We followed that arrow then I saw this sign.

And this...

Until we reached the top of the winding trail to find Mr. Mojo Risin.  His area was barricaded off and was missing a lid.  Every tree and neighboring tomb was written and tagged on with messages to the Lizard King.  The grave had been robbed years ago and it's rumored that his body was taken from the site. Read about Jim's Rumors.  While we were standing there, there were a few girls sitting on another tomb across the way.  Once all the other people left, the girls hopped the fence and one of them stuck her hand, up to her forearm, straight in the dirt of Jim's grave. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE.  Couldn't believe my eyes.  Right as this happened, a man conducting a tour came around the corner and gave these girls a verbal assault they'd never forget.  He was yelling at them in all sorts of French!  Pointing at the grave and showing them the fence they'd hopped.  Yelling at 'em like he's their daddy!!  We were hyped, said "Peace" to Jim and moved on.

KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY means along the lines of  "According to His Own Spirt"

I saw this image which was the exact directions on how to get to the grave site.  The winding road we had walked up was the snake.  If you're ever in the cemetery looking for Jim, 'Ride The Snake'.  He'll be there.

Some Scum Click love on the outside.  Had to represent in Paris!! SC

Brian Miller.

'Nuff Said.

Time for a break.  Café au Lait.

The new hostel was cool but not as fancy as the last one.  It had great hidden messages everywhere though.  "I'd much rather have a rainy day in Europe than a sunny day in America any day."  True.

"What makes America shitty is shitty Americans."  True.

"Walk more than you can stand, stand more than you can fall, fall in love with the way of LIFE!"  True.

We met some new comrades in the hostel.  They were from Canada and were cruising a bit as well.  We all went for food and drinks.

The lady here is Thomi and I forget her friend's name.  We even had a nickname for him cause he knew everything.  Thomi was a nanny in another part of France and had some time off to enjoy Paris.  Well nice people!

We went to Montmartre for some joints and beers.  Kickin' it HARD.

One Night in Paris.

The next morning we strolled the streets for breakfast items.  Low and behold!  Crêpes!!  This woman was located just near Pigalle and served us up Banane et Nutella, Fromage, and Fromage et Jambon.  So epic!!  They were premium eats!

"What does this look like? Anyone... anyone..." Baguettes are mandatory.

This old man was a G.  He was posted up playing his accordion, something so amazing and nice, while this woman stood by, dressed to impress, and danced around him.  No show or anything.  Just another typical day in Paris.

Thomi's tattoo.  "Be Patient & Tough"


Thomi and her friend knew of an awesome photo exhibit to check out.  The Albert Kahn Musée et Jardin.  This man was the first person to take a camera to Japan and photograph life there.  AMAZING photos.  BEAUTIFUL gardens.

The first camera to enter Japan.

A photo of old Paris.

Albert Kahn.

South America.

The gardens were so lush and grown in.  Quite a beautiful site to see versus Le Kit trash filling a sidewalk.  Everything was manicured and pristine.  It was reminiscent of a Japanese garden.  Feng Shui, coy fish, bamboo forest and all.

It was a silent place.  You could purchase a yearly pass to enjoy the surroundings.  Definitely a place to gather your thoughts and meditate.  Very tranquil.

I entered this forest and had strayed from the group a bit.  No one was around me, there were no sounds.  I remember very clearly a feeling of fullness and success.  I felt like this was a point of renewed freshness coming into my life.  At this moment, being in a place like this, in a place like this, was very surreal.  I felt very free and fulfilled.  Amongst all of the chaos of the city, my travels, my life, I was at peace.  It was a very rich feeling.  Very motivating.  It's embodied in me forever that there are places of freedom and peace that are continually being.  Those trees are there right now.  And somewhere out in the world is a silent forest waiting for you to enjoy.  The Art of Doing Nothing.  The Art of Enjoying.  The Art of Being.  Love Earth.  Take time to LIVE. Absorb. Recognize. Attract. Listen. Breath. Open Your Eyes and Let Light In. Relax The Face.  It's all good.  Trust me.  Everything always works out.

The next day it was time to go.. to Rome!!  Couldn't bring my board on the plane and wasn't planning on skating ancient Roman ruins anyway.  Had to peel off my trucks... Usually I don't do this but...

Had to hop a bus to get to the airport.  Rome or Bust!

Vive la France!

French Countryside.

Destination Italia!

Another picnic before we split.

Merci Beaucoup!  Au Revoir la France!