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Pushing, Late Nights, and Mud Fights

Barcelona is a skateboarder's paradise. Absolutely filled with spots and home to tons of other practitioners; perfect to get those creative juices flowing. With the city and culture being so new to me, I've really been taking my time to cruise around and explore. I've been taking photos of most of the spots I've been to or come across and really have been trying to not be such a tourist. With my clase de español in full swing, I've been practicing with local shop workers and otra personas. Troy and Maryjane have been helping a lot too!

My new friend Adam from England and his lady Chloe are also in my class. After getting a call from him, I skated off to try and catch him at a bank spot just down from our house. I didn't see him and decided to go try and find him. I pushed on the boardwalk along the beach to a remarkable plaza called Forum. This place was made to host a world's fair type event, showcasing Barcelona! It has a HUGE solar panel right along the water and massive flatground areas. Along the bottom are these amazing curved walls perfect for shredding!

With no luck finding Adam I decided to cruise back towards my house. After the 2 mile stretch home, as I rolled up Thomas and his homie Patrick were walking out of our flat, heading out for a skate. I joined them for some more!
Thomas took us to an AMAZING place called Canyelles, which I soon dubbed "Brick City" due to the massive yellow, red, blue, etc brick banks that covered at least a mile of downhill parks. It was straight up epic man! We just kept cruising deeper and deeper downhill through the never ending bricks! So much fun!

The next day we met up at Macba for a trip to Can Zam, on the northern part of Barce. This place is epic as well! Hillside terrain so there were escalators to take you up and up and up and up!!! At the top was a pristine view of the cuidad. Really special to see! You could see the solar panel at Forum, the Sagrada Familia, and everything in between and more! We bombed the hills to the bottom after! Super rugged ground but very fun nonetheless.

The skate scene never stops here! All day, all night I can hear the sounds of skateboards shredding across Carrer Ample (my street) mixed with drunk Spaniards and belligerent tourists. The night life is so rad here! Street peddlers every block trying to sell you "cervezas, weed, hashish", chicas that have been waiting all day to start partying, and drunk kooks stopping in their tracks wondering how a skateboard works. Even when we go out at night, you bring the board. Walking sucks when you can skate!
Troy has many friends here that he's been kind enough to introduce me to and take me out with them to party or hang or skate or whatever. A legendary local named Papaya hit us up to see this animation event just behind Macba, so we skated up the road and checked it out.. It was really fuckin cool! An American named Syd something showed some of his work that he'd done for DJ Qbert, Buckethead, and personal stuff. We bailed afterwards and had a beer at the ledges. We soon met up with Papaya and the guy Syd was with him! We cruised to a club that Troy decided would be best not to tell me what was featured there, which was quite a surprise. Lesbian mud wrestling! We made our way in to the club with cheesy Bloodhound Gang music blaring and Jane Fonda working out on the projection screen! Haha where were we?! All of a sudden sirens start going off and everyone heads towards a back room that had a kiddie pool and about 3 inches of mud water in it. A referee comes out with a whistle and a striped shirt and the 2 opponents come out with tiny clothes on. Everybody's cheering, taking photos, yelling and shit! The girls took their tops off, the red blows the whistle and they start going at it! It was incredible man! Another chick jumped in, a gay dude got thrown in, the ref was pushing the chicks into each other and ripping off more of their clothes while all these people, including me, were yelling and getting crazy!

After raging a while longer we peaced out and had a little night tour back to crib. Going to sleep at 4 am is almost the norm here... Yeeehaw!


Tarragona Part 2

When we woke in the morning, Aaron and Hacki were not around! We thought maybe they had caught a train back to Barcelona after getting lost! We decided to go on without them anyway! We got some food items and started the day off right with a pineapple, a baguette, and some cans of fish Alex bought from some guys sitting by us. We chowed down and had a tiny warm up shred on the mini ramp beside us.

We went back to the van and headed to the "Thrasher Epic Spot". So sick man! Banks with benches in between them surrounded by water! Then we got a call from the boys! They had slept on the beach drunk! Alex went to pick up and when they turned up, aaron and hacki had more beers open in hand! Ahhaha Austrians can drink man! We filmed and got photos of skating and even of sunset!

Thomas was hyped to make his famous chili con carne. Really good tho! We ate that and just chilled around for the night. Watched "vice guide to Liberia" whoa! Really really gnarly!

Troy, Alex, and I woke early to catch the sun rise at a spot Thomas showed us the previous night called El Balcon de Meditareno (balcony of the Mediterranean). They say being there and touching the fence brings good luck! It was so fresh! I had never seen the sun rise over water before. The water was so calm.. Very chill! Then we woke the block up with some serious powerslides and even got the policia called on us! We bailed the heat by bombing some hills and made it to a little bar for a café. When we walked in there were about 8 old men inside with porno blasting on the tv screen.. It's like 8:30 am! We had a great laugh and a coffee then made our way to get a baguette. One of the older guys from the bar was going the same way and he said that same video is on everyday! Ahha!

We went for a swim in the Mediterranean which was so perfect man! Really nice! Then we went back to the flat and rounded up the others. We got in the van and cruised up the hill a bit to skate some spots and see some more sites! Thomas took us to some really good spots! Marble double set hubbas, metal ledges, ancient roman stables, hill bombs! Tarragona is so rad!

We shredded for hours and when we returned to the van we noticed a water mark trailing away from the smashed backside of the van! Troy and I bolted down the street to find the culprit and did in fact find him! It was a gypsy guy driving a red hatchback car with a CRUSHED front end and a lady all messed up in the back! We tried to stop the car, Troy even hit the car, but the guy just bailed. Luckily, we met back to the homies with a photo of the license plate! After some paperwork at the police station we headed to one more ditch spot and the Austrians wanted to eat at Burger King! Ahhha! I said "Burger Führer"! Ahhah! They ate... Then we made the voyage back to Barcelona! Great times!!