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A Visit to La Alhambra!!!

La Alhambra Palace is a must see in Granada.  You really can't help but go there after lookin at it everyday while walking the streets.  We decided to go fo sho...

We first hopped the bus to take us up the hill to the entrance of the palace.  It was a small bus that cruised easily through the winding roads.

It dropped us at the bottom of the site and we hiked a short distance to the main gates.

This palace was strategically placed at the top of the hill as to over look the valley below.  Fully equipped with rolling cannons and plenty of archer vantage points, this palace was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Within the walls are lots of well grown foliage and plazas to enjoy.  As much as the fortress was made for battle it was and is a well groomed sanctuary.

Every wall had something to show on it.  Never just a blank wall.  This text was engraved throughout the entire place.

Even the bricks were textured.

The early Roman influence is seen everywhere... almost below the Moorish influence.  Here Caesar's name is still engraved on the wall above a chamber.

This is the HEAVY Moorish decor that completes La Alhambra.  The engraved texts are soooo sick... SUPER SUPER intricate!  That's a lot of work.... as somewhat of a craftsman and builder, it would be next level for me to do something like this... I'm extremely impressed by this level of skill.

The Millers.

This thing was so rad.  It looked inside out.  The detail work is so insane.  It was 3D or something... like an illusion..  It felt really cool on the eyes.

Here are two pictures that I feel best describe the palace.  The textiles are amazing.  These people invented/discovered geometry.  These angles and sizes are perfect.  It's a pretty cool thing to create.

All of the water pressure comes naturally from the Sierra Nevadas.  Just the same as in Egypt, the Romans created water ways to fill fountains and pools with the palace.  Most of the fountains had a low pressure but naturally flowing nonetheless. 

This is the ceiling in the King's chamber with the center located directly above where the King's throne sat.  The energy in this room was really rad.  It felt like there was no ceiling at all or as if you were connected to space or above the earth.

Every wall was laced with this stonework.

These lions are sacred.  We were NOT allowed to take photos of these.  They used to be near the king but were relocated a few years back.  These lions were carved out of the most pristine pieces of marble.  Handpicked because of the marble's veins. The veins of the marble showed a 3 dimensional portrait of the muscles on the lions.  Every lion was different but each absolutely perfectly chiseled into water spitting works of art.  You should try to look for more photos on Google.

This was looking out of where the lions are, across to the King's chamber.

Ancient sky lights.  These wouldn't have glass on them though.  This was the roof of a bath.

This room was so sick.  The roof was bowed which made the acoustics ridiculous.  You could stand anywhere in the room and have someone anywhere else and no matter how softly they spoke, it sounded as if they were next to your ear.  So cool.

La Alhambra still undergoes maintenance.  A craftsman still.

Lots of straight lines. Everything was geometrically laid out.  Exact halves, equal lengths, etc..

These links were thick..

All of the lion heads at the top of the buildings had different faces.  So much attention to detail.

The vegetation thrived.

As did we.

All of these little holes were for archers.  All along the watchtower..

Looking North and where I had hiked with everyone the days prior.

The Millers yet again.

The youngest Miller.

A view of Granada, Spain.

Towards the back of the palace are the gardens.  I bet in the spring this place is teeming with life.  Most of the trees had no leaves.

Until next time, Adios!!