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Vive La France!

I was cruising at high speeds under the English Channel, dreaming, defrosting, only to crack my eyes open to a semi blurred French farm passing my window marinating under the hazy warm sky.  If I sat a bit closer to the window I was warmer. I was so tired but didn't want to be lazy and miss the views. My stop was coming soon.

Arrived in Paris! Walk outside the station to some old buildings. I'm looking for models, cheese, baguettes, and stupid mustaches.  But really, my hostel.  I had to check in before Mike Long arrived later that day.

Another metro.  I prefer the subway and skating.

My little zone.  The guy that rented me the spot had SERIOUS dandruff.  It was fuckin' haggard.  The shower and toilet were shared and in the hallway.  The room had a cool window that was low enough to sit on.  It was a very odd room.

I made my way to Bercy to meet up with Mike Long.  Some kids asked me to buy them cigarettes when I got off the metro.  I asked them why they weren't in school.  They told me I talked funny.  I didn't buy the cigs.

This spot is sick though!!  Couldn't believe I was there.  The ground is SO buttery! Smooth marble and stone.  The stairs are buck but nice.  Ledges legit.  The grass sides are steep as fuck!  Remember the clip of Arto, Bastien, and Rowley sliding down in "Really Sorry"?  That's beast! 

O.G. Reynolds Kickflip!! OWA!!

Slash - Front Board?! Fuck No.  It's so huge with a DROP on the other side.  Slash conquered.

Premium Spot.

As seen in this photo I arrived as the caretaker was cleaning up.  I wonder how he mowed it?

There was this weird sand pit art feature around.  A skatepark in the distance behind that.

Made my way to the market for a meal.  Taziki and Salami Chip sammies it is.  Oranges - MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES.

Mike finally came out of the metro and off to the streets we went.  Always some cool statues in the towns.

And of course, The Eiffel Tower.


Mike's such a Beatle.

We came to Le Dome.  Super good skate spot.  Double set, Hubbas, Lines...

Mike went in.

Lines on these Hubbas are amazing.  Watch the Lordz Wheels video "They Don't Give A Fuck About Us" for reference to these spots.  Flo.

Mike had prior arrangements with his mom for the night and next day so I just cruised back to my zone.

The next morning I packed my shit and split!  I flew past the downstairs dude so fast I probably blew the dandruff right off his shirt.  I had to get my stuff to the new hostel early.

Praise Jah.

Checked in and bailed to the Eiffel.  It's pretty rad.  I was just so hyped to be RIGHT THERE RIGHT THEN.  It was just a trip to think of all the people I know and all the stuff I've done and I was at the Eiffel Tower in France yo! Unreal feeling I gotta tell you.

Back to Le Dome for a shred.  It's funny how these statues are so old but are just defaced by skate rats and not maintained but nearly donated by the city to the cause.  Well done France.  Live and Let Live.

Arc de Triomphe.

Really cool sight to see the detail and age of the stone work.

DeBilly in Paris!!

I found a cool walkway with trees and mini plazas stretching down the strip.

This is the type of architecture and areas US cities should take the time to make and upkeep in all cities.  Colors, styles, and features are essential to a positive vibratory setting.  Bland is boring.

It felt good to sit on the steps of this giant box.  I just sat for a long time.  I recommend this walk to sit.

At least I wasn't staying at the Bates Motel anymore.

Meal to bed.  Au revoir!