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So Far... Till More...

Since January I've been on a mission to "find myself" a bit more and try to establish some roots that will linger into my future.  What I know of my life is that ever-changing and that it's constantly necessary for me to update my formulas.  I used to walk the streets aimlessly, flipping a coin at cross streets to determine whether to go left or right.  It was known that this was a tactic and not uncertainty - I was absolutely certain the ultimate decision would lead me to exactly where I needed to be.  Faith in fate is crucial.

I've always had an inner feeling of contentment knowing that any stage in my life is just the setup for the next.  Lately I've been having a feeling of soon reaching where I'm destined to be.  When I think about it, I get nervous because I've been so anxious for that moment since I was small.  I never wanted to be a kid, or have people treat me like a little kid for that matter.  I knew that's not what I was destined to be so I wanted to skip all the bullshit and get straight to it.

I've had a bountiful amount of lessons and experiences, so far, that have led me where I am today.  I can thank my parents for sharing their experiences with no filter as it was the lesson that "Experience is Everything".  I learned from Jeff King that "Everything is a Lesson" via a hammer toss (this story will be another post).  And the stitches to all of this I inherited from a youthful, young-minded, sweetheart of a woman named Adrian, aka "Grammy" (grandmother of a friend of mine) who told me how to pay all of what I know forward and help the world - "You Can Never Give Advice.  You Can Only Share Your Experience".

For me 2015 has been a great year thus far.  I started off leaving my job at Kayo due to foresight of not having any growth there.  I was looking to be acknowledged for my hard work and dedication other than just a head nod and hype talk.  I am at a point in my life that I need to be invested in things that are going to reward me spiritually and monetarily for the work I put forth.  My spirits were low and I saw myself being a horse with the blinders on in an industry that raised me.  Then a friend of mine asked me "What's your plan b?"  I said, "Plan b?  If I had a plan b I wouldn't be all in."  He replied disgustingly with "I got a plan b for the plan b".  Next, I chose to go to college for the first time to become a teacher.  I felt out of place, probably close to how a soldier coming back from war feels.  In the semester I took a public speaking class where I learned one valuable lesson: Gauge Your Audience.  I find this lesson to be of value in every aspect of human interaction.  After passing my classes with A's and a B - thanks to being able to do my homework at Papa John's in between deliveries - I was offered an opportunity to work for some of my favorite brands as a sales rep.  It was a great honor to be able to work for brands I've been in love with for so long.

This brings me to my current state - RV Salesman.  My father-in-law owns multiple RV dealerships, Richardson's RV Centers, in Riverside.  The biggest RV show in the states was about to take place in Pomona, back in October.  I had asked if he needed any extra hands in hopes to make some extra loot. Without hesitation he said "Yes!" and I was in the game.  With a quick 4 hour walkthrough of 2 units at one of his lots, I was off to the races in my pink breast cancer awareness polo selling coaches to adventurous citizens.  I ended up outselling all but 1 of his 50 employees over the course of 10 days and was being asked to work full time at the lot.  After a thorough analysis of my current monetary status and future opportunity, I quit my job.

Here I sit in my grey cubicle, bowing to a Rasta-colored piece of art Luca made using broccoli and green beans and a photocopy of a "Another Happy Customer! SOLD!  We Have More Available!" sign, whilst typing this blog post in between answering emails and phone calls and sternly informing old geezers... "I'm not new to the game.  So watch how you're talking to me.  A baby shark is still a fuckin' shark."

I'm extremely determined to rid my life of petty acquaintences and shed pounds I don't need (in all respects).  My most current topic of change involves looking at GQ articles on "How To Dress In Your 20s".  I'm trying to reinvent my kit while still staying true to my style.  On that topic,  the best lesson I've learned is from my wife in a show and prove manner - "One Ten is Better Than Ten Ones".  Since adopting that pattern I've been extremely satisfied with my lifestyle and am determined to fine tune my work thus far in order to be the new me.

As 2 Chainz says, "Be The Best Version of Yourself."  

So that's what I'll be doing.  For myself, my kids and the world... Keep Watching.